Welcome to the official site of Jacinto Rey (Spain, 1972) author of historical fiction „El cirujano de las Indias“ and thriller „El último cliente“, the first novel in the series featuring Amsterdam police inspector Cristina Molen.

Publication of his novels in languages other than Spanish is currently under negotiation. If you are interested in buying the non-Spanish publication rights of his works, please contact his literary agent, Ms. Antonia Kerrigan (Travesera de Gracia, 22. 08021 Barcelona, Spain. Tel + 34 932093820 antonia@antoniakerrigan.com)

El último clienteEl último cliente

„A fascinating thriller that will take the reader to the heart of Amsterdam“

A hanged woman is found in an Amsterdam floating house. Police Inspector Cristina Molen investigates what appears to be a suicide. When hours later the corpse of a prostitute is discovered in a run-down Amsterdam hotel, Inspector Molen starts to believe that the two deaths are somehow related, and that nothing is what it seems to be.

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El cirujano de las IndiasEl cirujano de Las Indias

The sinking of a galleon full of treasures marks the beginning of this fast-moving historical novel, which tells the adventures of two visionary men. A young surgeon and his friend save from the wreck several renaissance paintings in order to sell them, and use the proceeds to help the south American natives defend themselves from the conquistadores. However, the Spanish Inquisition will follow them all over Spain and Italy.

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