La máscara del dragónLa máscara del dragón

Third book in the series with Amsterdam Police Inspector Cristina Molen

A Chinese mask that allegedly holds the secret of immortality, for which several people are willing to kill. The last secret of a dying Pope. Inspector Cristina Molen faces her toughest case. And the most dangerous.

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El Hombre De El CairoEl hombre de El Cairo  (The Man from Cairo)

A dead man is found in a warehouse in Amsterdam with four diamonds in his pocket. In his car, parked not far away, the police discover a portable missile launcher. Police inspector Cristina Molen takes over the case and, though the main suspects seem to be clear, she gets thrown into a spiral of surprising events that will lead her to Cairo, a city completely different from hers. Read more.


El Ultimo Cliente - Jacinto ReyEl último cliente (The Last Customer)

A hanged woman is found in an Amsterdam floating house. Police Inspector Cristina Molen investigates what appears to be a suicide. When hours later the corpse of a prostitute is discovered in a run-down Amsterdam hotel, Inspector Molen starts to believe that the two deaths are somehow related, and that nothing is what it seems to be. Read more.